Private Candidate Registration

Registration deadline: TBC
Contest date: 5 or 6th March 2022
Contest Mode: Online
Contest time: To be confirmed after closing date. Email will be send to you a week before the competition date.


How to register

  1. Click here to register as private candidate
  2. Check your email inbox.  You should be receiving both the confirmation email and the stripe receipt email to consider as successful registration. If you did not receive either one, do call or email to us to check the status of your registration.
*Important Note:
  1. This link is meant for all students in Singapore.  Overseas students will have to register with the respective country partners.
  2. Registration fees will be forfeited for participants who could not or do not turn up for the competition.
  3. Schedule are arranged based on Grade and Slots by the Management. Booking of schedule is not allow .
  4. Participants are responsible for ensuring that the submitted names are entered correctly as these will be printed on the certificates. A charge of SGD50 per certificate will be levied for reprints.
  5. Registration fees must be paid by credit/debit card.
  6. An email and Stripe receipt will be sent to you once the registration is successfully completed.
  7. The organizer reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations of the competition.
  8. Cancellation policy:
    SIMCC will charge full rate on any cancellation once it is submitted. Any refund request can be submitted but subject to SIMCC management approval. Once it is approved, the refund amount can be used for other SIMCC competition of the same/lesser value. No cash refund is allowed.

School Registration

Only teachers are allowed to sign up students as a school candidate. Minimum number of students needed to register are 10.

Registration deadline: 25th April 2021
Contest date: 4th May to 14th May 2021
Contest venue: your school
Contest time: set by the teacher in charge
Fee: SGD15/student

How to register

  1.  School will send the parent invitation letter to the parents for them to register.
  2. The parents will pay directly to school either using cash or EduSave.
  3. Teacher can download the registration form , fill in the student information and upload the form to our MDP Portal at If you are unsure on how to upload to the MDP Portal, you can email in to and we will guide you on the process of creating an account up to the process of uploading the form to the portal.